About Alimentary

Alimentary means nourishment or sustenance.  This definition is at the core of our principles to provide good quality fast food with a particular eye on nutritional value.  Eating clean and healthy shouldn't be a bland and painful endeavor.  Our menu is designed with a variety of delicious options that provide vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats.  We want to empower you to get creative with a broad palette of amazing ingredients.  Build a creation that satisfies your mind, body and soul.  


We also understand the pace of today's society and the challenges that people are faced with when trying to eat good, clean food on the go.  It's for that reason that we wanted to leverage a strong digital platform to help facilitate quick ordering, delivery and pick up so that Alimentary could be accessible and easy to obtain for everyone.  We hope you enjoy, and we wish you a future of clean, healthy and delicious eating. 

Also, download our mobile app and get points with every purchase to use towards rewards!

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